Dwight Simmons

His album Pacifist Aggressive, reached #1 on iTunes in 2016. From NY.

September 22 - September 23

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Seeking Consciousness starring Dwight Simmons.

LIFE......it's kind of a funny story. With a dramatic flair and. A biting humor, Dwight Simmons seeks to answer the question of why humans have a need for labels. Prepare to laugh.....and maybe think.

September 22

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Wiley's Sunday Comics

September 24 - October 29

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50 Shades of Men

With 50 Shades of WOW. What happens at Wiley's, STAYS AT WILEY'S.

September 27

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The Nicolas Cage Movie Review Podcast LIVE Recording: Gone in 60 Seconds.

You Love him/You Hate him...either way, you can't ignore the Oscar-Winner with the Power to Miscast Himself. Come join us as we tear him a NEW ONE.

September 28

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Brian Scolaro

From Conan, Gotham LIVE, Comedy Central, Dexter, Mad Men, and MORE. Marc Maron on "WTF" said, Brian "might be the funniest F&%^$n' person alive."

September 29 - September 30

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Two Lesbians & A Queen

Comedy With Pride, starring Joanne Filan with Host Michael Baker.

October 05

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John Poveromo

From XM Radio, the NY Underground Comedy Festival, VH1, and more. "Not your run-of-the-mill-starndard-issue-garden-variety stand-up." Asbury Park Press.

October 06 - October 07

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