Wiley's Screenwriters' Fight Club

Mon, Oct 9, 2017
Mon, Nov 13, 2017

Wiley's Screenwriters' Fight Club

The first rule of Wiley's Screenwriters' Fight Club is: You do not talk about Screenwriters' Fight Club.....except to other Screenwriters'....and those that want to be Screenwriters.....and your friends.....and your parents.....and Twitter.....and Facebook......and....

Third Rule of Screenwriters' Fight Club: Someone yells "stop!", goes limp, taps out, the Writing is over. Get some water, a bite to eat. Take your vitamins. Get some Sleep. Write again tomorrow.

Fourth Rule: Only two Writers to a Screenplay...unless someone has a really great idea! Or...if you want to write it by yourself. We're very flexible on this one.

Fifth Rule: One Screenplay at a time. Stay focused. Always finish what you begin.

Sixth Rule: No Shirt. No Shoes. (Optional)

Seventh Rule: Writing will go on as long as it has to.

Members of Wiley's Screenwriters' Fight Club will receive:

Admission to Screenwriters' Fight Club's monthly Screenwriting Class/Workshop conducted by Screenwriter Gary Wood (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1392475/?ref_=nmbio_bio...) on the SECOND MONDAY OF EACH MONTH 630 PM TO 830 PM.

Admission to Wiley's Monthly Guest Screenwriters Series which consists of 8 hours of a class or workshop with a working, notable screenwriter such as our first guest, Carl Gottlieb, who wrote "Jaws" and "The Jerk". Future Guests include John Esposito (Stephen King's "Graveyard Shift", "The Walking Dead" webseries, "Teen Titans", R.L. Stine's "The Haunting Hour", and more", Angelo Pizzo ("Rudy", "Hoosiers" "Bleed for This", "My All-American", "The Game of Their Lives", and more), Chuck Pfarrer ("Darkman", "Navy SEALS", "The Jackel", "Red Planet", "Hard Target" and so much more), ON THE LAST SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH. ($50 value)

Admission to a monthly screening of a movie with the screenwriter providing LIVE COMMENTARY while we watch the movie ON THE LAST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH AT 930 PM. ($15 value)

Access to other local writers for collaboration, inspiration, support, camaraderie, and other resources for real-life application.

Discounts on one-on-one reviews and critiques of pages from Guest Screenwriters.

Discount on purchasing Final Draft Screenwriting Software, reference books, and other tools.

Discounts and/or free passes to area theaters, plus exclusive access to Special "Wiley's Presents" Screenings.

Plenty of surprises, resources and opportunities every month.

Exclusive 24 hour access to the Facebook Wiley's Screenwriters' Fight Club Group.

The Guest Screenwriter Series classes and workshops will take place on the LAST SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH (may be moved due to Holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc).

The Live Commentary Film Series will take place on the LAST FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH (may be moved due to Holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc).

Write it good............Write on REAL GOOD!
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