Open Mic

Open Mic - "Wiley's Sunday Comics"

Our open mic runs every Sunday night. Amateur comedians that continually do well at the open mic will eventually be offered an opportunity to participate in our MC Residency program. We also encourage professional comedians to come out and work on new material and offer assistance to the newer comics.

If you'd like to perform at The Sunday Comics, then sign up by emailing

MC Residencies / MC Paid Program

Our host program is one of the most innovative in the business. All MCs share the common goal of moving up in the comedy world - but that's really hard to do ten minutes at a time. To help, we've established MC Residencies - where the same comedian hosts weekend shows for three consecutive weeks, with the express purpose of growing strong enough to become a feature. These residencies are unpaid - think of it as comedy boot camp.

Please note: comics that pass the residency or are already established as a performer, will be paid for hosting shows.