Pro Submissions

Our Pro-Comedian Philosophy

At Wiley's Comedy Joint, we recognize that comedic talent is our primary product, and we value comedians in a way few other comedy clubs do. That's because we understand professional touring comedians are intelligent, talented people at the top of their field who deserve respect. We also understand that comedy comes in many forms, so we are always looking for young, fresh artists to compliment our veteran headliners.

We will NEVER punish comedians who work other area clubs. If you're an Open Mic'r, an MC, or a feature you should work wherever and whenever you can. The more stage time you get, the better you will be. We only book our headliners once per year to prevent diluting their draw. Dayton is a small, big city, so if you are a headliner and do want to perform elsewhere in the market, just know that we will have to wait a year before re-booking you.

Headliners & Features:

Please email videos, links to pages and contact info to:

Showcases, or "guest spots"

If you're a headliner or feature, and you're interested in showcasing for us, please email to arrange a showcase set at the club. We also encourage comedians to submit to contest or festivals that are held at our club, such as Fireworks and Midwest Fest. That's a great way for us to see your standup and to get to know you. Networking and face-to-face interaction is a great way to get work.

Please do not waste your time and money by mailing us physical press kits, or sending us things we did not ask for. We look forward to hearing from you.


Our MC's, or Master of Ceremonies, are one of the most valued part of our public relations department. The MC at Wiley's is:
  • The Host of the Show. They are the first and last person the audience sees onstage.
  • The face of Wiley's. Our guests will see the MC three times onstage. The MC represents the club.
  • The liaisons between our guests and Wiley's and the comedians.
  • The performer that befriends our guests and holds their hands through the evening. While the comedy may get edgy, controversial, or blue, the MC is the "safe place".
  • Our most effective in-house marketing tool. It takes 10 times more money to find a new customer than to keep the one you have. Recycling out audience to another show is a key to Wiley's survival and our MC's. Guests will remember the headliner. They will most likely NOT remember the MC.....but they WILL RETURN to Wiley's because of the MC.
  • A promoter, marketer, sales person, Master of Ceremonies, spokesperson, performer, and more. Lots of comedians are MC's, they start as MC's, but an MC doesn't have to be a comedian. The most vital skills for a Wiley's MC is the ability to welcome our guests, relax them, focus their attention to the stage and away from the struggles of their life, be likeable, work clean, successfully make our announcements, be prompt, professional, positive, fun.....and hungry. If you are funny....that's just a bonus.
  • Trained to get MC jobs, and climb the ladder to Featuring and Headlining, at other clubs around the country, as well as at Wiley's. MC skills will serve you well and bring you more income hosting any variety of shows, programs, and corporate events. And while young comics tend to want to emulate their favorite comedians in terms of profanity, "blue", or explicit adult material, the MC position is not the job for that. Most, if not all, comedians began as an MC by following their clubs rules.
  • Is not an Open Mic'r. MCing in front of a paying audience is a job. It is not the time to "work on your act". It is not the time to try out new material. It is not Open Mic Night. Our MC's may be young, new to the business, learning, and gaining experience, but they are professional and accommodating. One of Wiley's missions is to produce quality and professional MC's and comedians. We will encourage you, mentor you, teach you the BUSINESS of comedy, and help you get other jobs. But we love our club and our jobs. We have fun, but we take our shows very serious and expect our MC's to take it seriously as well. As Steve Martin said, "Comedy is Not Pretty."
  • Constantly works on his act at Open Mic Nights at Wiley's Sunday Comics or other Open Mic Nights around the city, state, and country.
  • A part of our family.

To be considered for an MC slot, email: with links to videos, credits, and contact information.

Open Mic

To participate in Wiley's Sunday Comics and work towards an MC position, please email:

Good luck! We're rooting for you!